LunchBox is an industry leading suite of integrated tools designed to make administration of your school cafeteria program more efficient and more effective.

Complete data gathering, inventory, free and reduced lunches and nutrition analysis is viewed and reported with just a few key-strokes.

LunchBox makes a tough task fast and easy.

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Site Manager 

    Site Manager is the hub for process control and data communications within LunchBox.  This module provides a powerful tool for compiling sales figures and student data for all schools, along with a complete reporting package that includes the reimbursement claim.  It aggregates sales totals by date and site for making educated decisions about meal participation and all areas of cafeteria management.  This module is web-based and houses the Free and Reduced, Inventory, Sales Data Accumulator, and Nutritional Analysis/Menu Broadcasting modules.  It provides Real-Time communication to all modules of LunchBox.  



    Cashier friendly.  Easy to use.  Touch screen functionality.  No pencil and paper.  No remembering student lunch numbers or having to gather tickets.  Easy transaction processing.  Quick student lookups and Quick Sell features allow for very fast-moving serving lines and result in increased participation.  Use a variety of peripheral devices: biometrics, pinpads, scan cards, etc…Quick and easy. 1 to 2 keystrokes per student.  Complete menus, unlimited products-user defined.  Bold, colorful screens .  Photo capabilities for ensuring positive identification.  Utilize the rules set by the POS Back Office to govern all transaction processing to make it easy to use.  Quickly take all deposits live on the serving line.  Process homerooms as a group as they come through the line.  Simplified cash reconciliation to assist in “counting down the drawer”.  Complete tracking of all transactions.  No down time with Off line Terminal if network failure occurs.




POS Back Office

     Give your managers the tools they need to control and supervise all cafeteria functions.  POS Back Office gives the manager complete access to student accounts, cashier activities and sales data. With real-time communications to the central office via Site Manager, you can ensure that you have current student and sales data.  Easy to process End of Day calculations and accurate reporting for CRE’s creates confidence among users.  Cash flow is manageable.  POS lines move smoothly and rapidly. All processes are tracked historically.  Reporting is flexible and comprehensive.   Menus and POS views are set up based on your rules and guidelines.


Free and Reduced

    Complete Family Application includes participants from various sites with varying qualification statuses.  Real-Time communication to POS, so there are no missed or incorrect reimbursement claims.  Fast processing of applications (Family of 4 processed in less than a minute).  Application Scanning interface to popular solutions (process hundreds of applications a day).  Complete reporting package on totals for district or school displaying all student information.  Application history is tracked and recorded for auditing purposes.  Direct Certifications, Migrants, Homeless, Runaways, and Food Stamps are all tracked and managed appropriately.  Easy Direct Cert importing of state files for fast qualification and updating.  Unlimited number of users (so you can supplement your staff with temporary workers as needed).  



     Entire Procurement process captured at your fingertips. Bid Management for processing all products in a bid cycle.  Easy interface with suppliers for receiving bid information.  Manage any Distribution Center, i.e. Central Kitchen or Warehouse.  Manage all daily operations for perpetual inventory-Order, Receive, Usage, Transfers and Adjustments.  GAP Accounting principles apply.  Manage with Physical Count inventory method or perpetual method.  Dynamic module with customized navigation links to meet the district’s specific needs.  Complete reporting package for daily and monthly reporting.  All inventory transactions are tracked historically. Direct integration with the Menus/Nutritional Analysis module for automated Production Records.  




Menus/Nutritional Analysis

     The LunchBox Nutritional Analysis module is USDA approved for use inimplementing Nutrient Standard Menu Planning and in conducting nutrient analyses that meet School Meals Initiative requirements.  This comprehensive program allows for building ingredients and recipes for creating menu plans.  Menu plans are easily defined and broadcast to a single site or the entire district.  In one sitting, you can complete your menu plans for the entire year.  Utilize cycle plans or manually pick and choose already created menu plans.  Use approved guidelines to qualify your menu plan.  Track and view all nutritional information about each ingredient for each recipe.  Ensure that each student is presented with a menu that meets the required nutrient standards for Lunch, Breakfast and everything you serve them.  Manage and utilize approved menus, which ensures proper dietary guidelines are achieved.  Control communication on proper date and serving period to POS lines at schools.  Maintain current USDA Child Nutrition Database via LunchBox updates.



Internet Deposits

    Allow parents to deposit funds in student accounts remotely from home or office computer.  With Internet access parents can make a deposit, set a la carte spending limits and rules and print a history report of the student’s cafeteria activities and payments.  Payments are posted in real-time to the student’s home base cafeteria.   With Internet Deposits, you can eliminate the need to handle cash during the serving period, erase worries about insufficient funds checks, speed up the line, feed more students and increase participation.


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